General Surgery

Surgery that ranges from the simple skin lesions to be removed, hernia repairs, medication port insertions, and spanning to the more complex cancer operations.

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Surgery performed through small incisions with the use of high definition cameras and surgical instruments. (Ex: laparoscopic gall bladder removal, appendix removal, colon removal, anti-reflux surgery, etc.)

Endoscopy Procedures

Procedures that include colonoscopies, evaluations of the upper digestive tract, and evaluations of the airways through scopes with miniature cameras.

Surgical ICU Care

Dr. Geffe has advanced specialized training in treating patients in surgical intensive care units who suffer from multiple medical problems in combination with acute surgical needs.

Adult and Pediatric Trauma Care

Dr. Geffe also has advanced specialized training in treating both adults and children who have suffered traumatic injuries both small and large. Dr. Geffe has been on staff at AI Dupont Hospital for Children covering pediatric trauma surgery since 2012.

Wound Care

Care provided for wounds from simple to complex. This includes specialized treatment and bandage placements at the bedside and in the operating room. In 2013, Dr. Geffe created First State Wound Care Consultants to help care for those patients with wounds in short and long term care centers and individual homes in our neighborhoods.