I first Met Dr. Geffe in the ER when my dad first found out he had pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma, March 7, 2017. Dr. Geffe came in and gave us the news while everyone else was leaving us in the dark. From that moment on Dr. Geffe became a part of our lives. The only thing surgically Dr. Geffe could do for my dad was implant a port in him for his chemo treatments. But Dr. Geffe didn’t stop there he continued to guide us and assist me with any questions I had concerning my dad. Whenever I called the office Sasha always answered and was very pleasant and helpful. Deanna became a guardian angel for me. She always called me back when she said she would and always offered comforting and supportive words to help us through this. Sadly my daddy’s battle ended on July 4th, 3 months after he was diagnosed. But I know if he was still here he would agree with me. Dr Geffe is a great man, a great surgeon and a great asset to the medical community.